STEP 1.  30 seconds

Print out this Back-to-School Info Sheet - a helpful checklist of what you need to do, what you might want to do and what you should know.

STEP 2.  5 minutes and 38 seconds to complete. :)

Make these contributions or purchases at SCHOOL PAY.   

Create an account there, first, if you have not done so in previous years.   Your account will be linked to your student at Hosford (and any other children and their school as part of PPS).

  • Request for Support for Donations to Hosford Student Body, Mandarin Immersion Program and Elective Classes.
    Scroll to bottom of School Pay page - See: Student Body Donation Contribution
  • Yearbook Order Form
  • Hosford Gear Order Form
  • School Picture Order - Coming Soon to Hosford Middle School

STEP 3.  10 minutes and 17 seconds to complete :)

Make these PTSA contributions or purchases at the PTSA SquareUp page.  

Scroll to the item you want to pay for on SquareUp or click the Shop link top left.

REVIEW these documents, below.    

JOIN the PTSA, right now.  VOLUNTEER for an activity or TWO or THREE.  You may be surprised how much fun you have and how much you learn about Middle School! It's actually a cool place! The kids may not show it, but they know when we care.